The 5 Most Expensive Autoparts in 2020

Vehicle parts break and wear out, we as a whole realize that, however which sudden fixes will hurt the most? We checked with auto site Repair Pal to get fix costs for a multi year old 2.5 liter 2011 VW Golf in the Los Angeles, CA region. Expenses for different makes and models will fluctuate obviously, and work is most likely less expensive in different markets, however this gives a reasonable thought of the parts that will leave the greatest gouge in your wallet, and the amount of the cost lies in the parts versus the work – exceptionally valuable data for cost-cognizant home mechanics.

Here’s the TOP-5 most expensive autoparts you find on the market in 2020:

Electric Car Battery

Lithium particle battery organizations have encountered a blast since 2015, as Tesla and other electric vehicle makers increase their creation. As innovation creates, these batteries will get less expensive and less expensive, however for the time being they are over the top expensive.

A ton of batteries cost around $150 per kWh and can undoubtedly soar from that point.

Considering a Tesla Model S is furnished with a 85kWh battery, a substitution can be eye-wateringly costly. The uplifting news however is that lithium particle batteries are dependable, and costs are probably going to fall drastically when you will require a substitution. Organizations, for example, Tesla likewise accompany genuinely liberal battery guarantees and may supplant at no charge.

Engine Control Module (ECM)

Another frightful shock. Hands up everybody who thought the vehicle’s ECM was a simply minimal black box with several transistors and a circuit board? Actually, another ECM will cost as much as a first class PC, and you’re not going to spare an entire store of money by fitting it yourself. In any case, this is a strong state gadget with no moving parts to wear out and, in the perfect world, the ECM will keep going for ever. The world, obviously, isn’t perfect, so while your ECM shouldn’t fall flat, you shouldn’t preclude it. Commonly the PC is harmed by somebody kicking off the vehicle inappropriately, or shorting out something while at the same time introducing a sound system.


A significant transmission issue will leave your vehicle totally speechless. Without the transmission working, the vehicle’s wheels can’t turn, and you’ll ride with it in a wrecker to the administration station.

Supplanting the transmission gathering in a vehicle today can cost between $4,000 to $5,000, and conceivably all the more relying upon the seriousness of the issue. Your transmission is an outstandingly mind boggling arrangement of mechanical riggings and segments that control the progression of intensity from your’s motor to the driveshaft. There is more mileage in your vehicle’s transmission than in a large portion of different pieces of your vehicle on account of the erosion and warmth produced by the many moving parts as they associate with one another.

Air Bags

Intended to assist you with enduring a mishap, air packs are one of your vehicle’s most significant wellbeing frameworks. On the off chance that your air sacks are conveyed during a mishap or impact, getting them supplanted is basic before returning the vehicle out and about.

Other than driver-side and traveler side air packs, a significant number of the present vehicles additionally have side-window ornament or potentially knee-level air sacks. The quantity of air packs in your vehicle will directly affect the all out expense of this fix, however you can hope to pay $1,700-$2,500 for the parts and $3,000-$5,000 to have them expertly supplanted.

Fuel Pump

The fuel siphon supplies the fuel to the injector at the right weight. It tends to be handily harmed through poor driving and upkeep propensities and you’ll follow through on the cost.

Here you are! We hope you will never need to replace these parts.