What Colours Does The 2020 Volkswagen Passat Come In?

Every so often when a car manufacturer releases a new edition of a popular car model, they will update the colour options available for purchase. For car enthusiasts and general car shoppers alike, this can be very intriguing. A new car is always something to get excited about, but when you manage to find the new car you’re looking for in a brand new exterior finish, that is enough to make any driver turn their head. This year, Volkswagen has a new version of their popular sedan model, the Passat, which features a brand new exterior body design, as well as six exterior colour options to choose from.

Colour Options for the 2020 VW Passat

Drivers will love the way their new Passat will look in any of the following six colours. Whether you prefer the more understated look of metallic silver or grey, a classic black or white finish, or something colourful that will stand out in red or blue, VW has the options you’re looking for. The 2020 Passat is available in the following exterior colours:

  • VW Passat Pure White
  • Reflex Silver Metallic
  • Platinum Gray Metallic
  • Deep Black Pearl
  • Aurora Red Metallic
  • Tourmaline Blue Metallic

These new exciting colours for the 2020 Passat are just one example of the way Volkswagen is updating its popular sedan for the new decade. In addition to the new colours, drivers will love the redesigned interior and exterior, which features bolder body lines outside and enhanced comfort and space inside the car. Despite all of these upgrades and alterations, the experts at Spotlite Collision are prepared to keep your new Passat looking its best in case of any collisions or autobody damage.

This ICBC Approved body shop proudly feature the latest and very best in autobody repair equipment and parts for Volkswagen cars, along with numerous other manufacturers. And even though there are six brand new paint colours and finishes for the 2020 Passat, our Vancouver autobody shop is ready to match these new colours so we can provide you with the very best in terms of repairs and results. No matter how new or unique your vehicle happens to be, you can count on the VW autobody specialists at Spotlite Collision to keep your vehicle looking its best!