What to do When You’ve Had an Animal Related Auto Collision

Most Vancouver drivers won’t be thinking about an animal related car accident every time they get behind the wheel, but they’re more common than you think. In the US  and Canada they affect millions of drivers a year, and the mountainous region of Vancouver has lots of wildlife to be on the lookout for.

Wildlife Vehicle Collisions

Wildlife Vehicle Collisions (WVCs) are the most common kind of animal related car accident, and can be the most dangerous. Think about hitting a 300 pound deer, or even a 1500 pound moose. They can do a lot of damage and cause death. Even swerving out of the way of a squirrel can cause a car accident in Vancouver.

 I’ve had an animal related car accident, What Next?

  •  After hitting a larger animal, pull over safely and stop the vehicle. Check for injuries and call for emergency aid if necessary.
  • Turn on your hazards to warn other drivers that there is an animal on the road. If the animal is large, like a deer or moose, stay in your vehicle, as they can remain dangerous even after a car accident.
  • If there is a large animal not moving on the road it may be safe to get out of your vehicle. Place flares or cones around the hazard if you can, and call the police to report the obstruction.
  • Inspect your vehicle. If there is major damage, or you are unsure if you vehicle’s safety has been compromised, call roadside assistance.
  • Visit a Vancouver body shop to make the necessary repairs.

If you want to avoid a trip to a Vancouver body shop because of a WVC, follow these tips below.

Tips to avoid an animal related car accident in Vancouver 

  • Stay Alert. In areas where wildlife pose a greater threat, stay vigilant in your attention and look to the shoulders ahead of you for any incoming animals. At nighttime use you’re high beams when you can for clearer vision.
  • Slow down or stop. Make sure to slow down safely to avoid a car accident.  After you stop, if the animal is standing in the road after you’ve slowed down, try honking your horn or flashing your lights to scare it off. However avoid doing this with a large deer or moose as they can be aggressive and could damage your vehicle.
  • Avoid swerving. Swerving your vehicle may be a natural instinct but it can lead to a much more serious car accident. Staying in your lane and applying the brakes is the best way to avoid a visit to a Vancouver body shop.
  • Always wear a seatbelt. This one should be a must at all times.
  • Be cautious at dusk and dawn when animals are more active. Also be cautious during hunting or mating seasons, as animal movement can be more erratic at these times.

Domestic Pets in Cars

 Having an animal in the car can be more dangerous than people think. Many people let their dogs roam free in the vehicle which can cause distracted driving, which is a leading cause of car accidents in Vancouver. In fact, long road trips with dogs are getting more common and common.  When driving with a pet in the vehicle, if they are unrestrained they can become a fatal object in the event of a car accident. It is important to make sure you use a properly designed restraint to avoid an unnecessary injury or death to your pet, your passengers or yourself.

Whether it’s a WVC, or another type of car accident in Vancouver, please come visit us at Super Euro Autobody Shop, where we will get the job done right!